"I am... the way, the truth, and the life."


Dear Reader,

When I was just a small child, my grandmother would sit me at her kitchen table and read to me from her Bible. I don't recall what she read, but the time we spent together remains a fond memory. Those fond memories are what led me to return to reading the Bible as a young adult with my own children. But then as life would have it, over time, I turned away from the church, the Bible, and anything of a religious nature and began seeking greater meaning in life. I turned to what some people would deem "new age" teachings. In doing so, I discovered something. The "new age" material, is really ancient truths that the man named Jesus talked about in the Bible. "New Age" isn't really new at all. Perhaps how we decipher the meaning of these passages may be new, but it still is ancient teachings. For example, new age material that I read led me to see these words, "I AM" in a new and more significant manner. It has been said by many new agers that whatever words you speak after "I AM" are what we create in our life. And so I began trying it out, you know, to test it. And... well.... all I can say is... give it an honest try yourself and see what happens. So the story in the Bible says, One of the apostles, Thomas, spoke to Jesus, (all of these people are just charactors in a story, right?) and said to Jesus that he didn't know "the way". And Jesus said to him, "I am the way, and the truth, and the life."

What this passage in the Bible means to ME is that Jesus was talking in code to his apostles. He was telling them the words "I AM..." is THE WAY... to create your life. Using the words, "I AM...speaks TRUTH into LIFE. So that's what I started doing. Since 2017 I have been using these positive affirmations to create a better life, "I am healthy, I am happy, I am strong. I am safe. I am brave. I am healed. I am loved. I am truth. And guess what.... in August of 2017, I had a doctor tell me that I was completely healed of the Lyme disease. These affirmations were a part of my protocol on my healing journey that I took to Hawaii the summer of 2017. Is it possible that speaking these words had a role in healing the Lyme disease? or what about the Celiac disease, or the stroke or heart attack? Just how powerful are our words/prayers? Why not give it a try and see for yourself. 21 days of positive talk... WILL change your life! Can you handle that much good in your life?

I am safe.

I am healthy.

I am loved.

I am... that I am.

with love,

Gail Lynn


About Gail Lynn

Ordained Minister, REIKI and EFT Practitioner, Intuitive (via phone or virtual sessions), Energy Healer, spiritual teacher, retreat leader, and author.

Shares insights and speaks about the practice of love and forgiveness, healing old patterns, and taking back your life. Practices Ho’oponopono , the Hawaiian culture and perspective of this ancient healing practice.

Offers a beautiful testimony to healing illness and disease through combining alternative modalities, science, and spirituality. She lectures on her experience of bridging science and spirituality as a means to heal physical illnesses in the body. Battling Lyme disease for 4 1/2 years, a mini stroke (TIA), and mild heart attack, Gail Lynn has made a complete recovery through the practice of faith healing, Law of Attraction, and all natural remedies. ​

Shares inspiration from her heart to remind us that our daily life is simply the classroom and that we learn lessons in order to return to our true self, our higher self, of love.

Wishes Fulfilled Retreat in Lily Dale, New York. She works with clients as a Life Coach, wellness advocate, spiritual advisor & healer. She offers intuitive readings (via phone and virtual sessions), Aromatouch sessions, EFT & REIKI sessions, and Ho’oponopon sessions. Available year round for keynote addresses, motivational speeches, presenting workshops, and hosting retreats.

Lighting the pathway for those seekers ready for the revelations by planting seeds of knowledge, for those beginning the quest. She is the heroine of her own life and helps others to be the hero/heroine of their own. She will help YOU take back your power and claim wellness in order to create a fulfilling life too! 

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