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Welcome, welcome! For those of you new to my page, my name is Gail Lynn, and I am the HEROINE!

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Here I am back writing a blog again, only this time, for specific reasons that YOU my family, friends, and readers have asked about. I will be addressing many topics associated with my book, The Heroine's Journey; a tale of love, forgiveness and the implications of universal laws, pertaining to health and wellness (and sickness), mystical experiences, relationships, conversations with loved ones from the other side, and the Divine Laws / Universal Laws/ Spiritual Laws/ Natural Laws. Oh yeah, and there will be talks on Near Death Experiences (NDE) and Chakras, and Energy Healing/ Distant Healing, crystals, and ancient secrets from around the world, including secrets in the Bible.

After much time devoted to healing my body from Lyme disease, a mini stroke, and a mild heart attack, (oh and I keep forgetting the Celiac diagnosis), and recording my life experiences, writing, teaching, and PRACTICING what I preach, I've come full circle to not only teach, but to truly LIVE by my teachings. My first book is published and already making an impact around the world. Yes, it is in the hands of people across the United States. It is in the hands of someone in Canada. It is in Hawaii. It is in England. It is in France. It is in Aruba. It is in Italy. And these are just the places that I know of! How exciting is that!!! (And I haven't even got my own order in yet!)

So now that the hard work of writing and editing is done for my book, THE HEROINE'S JOURNEY; A TALE OF LOVE, FORGIVENESS, AND THE IMPLICATIONS OF UNIVERSAL LAWS, now comes the fun! Sharing stories, talking about what happened, and helping others to understand life a little differently using my expereinces as an example. Trust me, it hasn't been easy letting this go and sharing with the world my good days and not so good days. But every day that I wake up now and see another co-vid diagnosis, my first thought is, "HEY!! Get that person my book!" (I don't like to see people suffer.)

It's not ME that would help alleviate the symptoms of anyone's illness from co-vid or any other dis-ease in the body. It's not my book that would take all the sickness and sorrow away from the person, from the people suffering, but it is the understanding that comes as you read that will help facilitate your own awareness of how you got sick, why you got sick, and perhaps lead you to see what you could do to alleviate symptoms and bring healing into your own body. I did it. So can you.

As the late great Wayne Dyer once said, "Change your thoughts, change your life." As our thoughts govern the quantum world we live in, our thoughts can attract (draw to us) an illness. We can also be the "cause" of the effect of illness by our thoughts words and deeds. As Law of Attraction and Law of Cause and Effect are just two simple laws of physics not often discussed in the medical world, it's easy to see why people haven't made their own connection yet. (That and it's a hard bullet to bite when you begin to see WE create everything that happens in our life.)

With that said, and KNOWING all this... how on EARTH did I create a few days laid out in bed with a fever and a sore throat and earache this past week AFTER almost choking on a bite of mango and having an EMT tell me I may need to go to the hospital to have it removed ?????? It's my life. I've almost got it figured out! No more fever and I slept through the night! :)

pssst... to give you a little hint... a sore throat, in the metaphysical world, pertains to, "Holding in sad or angry words. Feeling unable to express the self." And a blocked throat chakra would be related to fear in expressing my truth. Want to know more about sore throats, sinus infections, earaches, health and wellness related to the throat chakra? Or ...wait... do you know what chakras are? .... where do I begin? Please comment, share this blog with someone, and be blessed by the motto, as you give, so shall you recieve. Much love to you reader

Stay tuned for my next blog...


About Gail Lynn

Ordained Minister, REIKI and EFT Practitioner, Intuitive (via phone or virtual sessions), Energy Healer, spiritual teacher, retreat leader, and author.

Shares insights and speaks about the practice of love and forgiveness, healing old patterns, and taking back your life. Practices Ho’oponopono , the Hawaiian culture and perspective of this ancient healing practice.

Offers a beautiful testimony to healing illness and disease through combining alternative modalities, science, and spirituality. She lectures on her experience of bridging science and spirituality as a means to heal physical illnesses in the body. Battling Lyme disease for 4 1/2 years, a mini stroke (TIA), and mild heart attack, Gail Lynn has made a complete recovery through the practice of faith healing, Law of Attraction, and all natural remedies. ​

Shares inspiration from her heart to remind us that our daily life is simply the classroom and that we learn lessons in order to return to our true self, our higher self, of love.

Wishes Fulfilled Retreat in Lily Dale, New York. She works with clients as a Life Coach, wellness advocate, spiritual advisor & healer. She offers intuitive readings (via phone and virtual sessions), Aromatouch sessions, EFT & REIKI sessions, and Ho’oponopon sessions. Available year round for keynote addresses, motivational speeches, presenting workshops, and hosting retreats.

Lighting the pathway for those seekers ready for the revelations by planting seeds of knowledge, for those beginning the quest. She is the heroine of her own life and helps others to be the hero/heroine of their own. She will help YOU take back your power and claim wellness in order to create a fulfilling life too! 

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