The Heroine's Journey: A Tale Of Love, Forgiveness, And The Implications Of Universal Laws

Every good story is a journey.The Heroine’s Journey is a detailed account of one woman’s reawakening that aligned her with the path of healing after suffering years of Lyme disease. Many have heard of the timeless secrets of the Law of Attraction and the Law of Cause and Effect that govern how thoughts become things and come to create our reality. Now, here in this tale of compassion, redemption, and the triumph of love, we see what that truth actually means as the heroine breathes life into her thoughts and words.Follow her on this journey of overcoming not only Lyme disease, a mini-stroke, and a heart attack but a lifetime of trapped negative emotion. What The Heroine’s Journey offers you in this precarious time of a global pandemic is a new perspective on illnesses and solutions.

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Book Endorsements/ Reviews

"We all leave our imprints on the sands of time. Gail Lynn's story is inspiring to all that are on the path of finding our authentic selves."

Rev. John Rev. C. White, Master Spiritual Teacher, Lily Dale, NY

"The path to self-empowerment is a tortuous, precious trail. With great insight and compelling writing, Gail Lynn Heil has bravely shared the intimate particulars of her intense spiritual expedition. This is a profound and inspiring story in support of all who dare to live more deeply."

Stewart Blackburn, author of It’s Time to Come Home: With Kindness and Compassion We Come Back to Ourselves.

"The Heroine's Journey" is the true story of one woman's ultimate triumph over the trials of life. We all face challenges in our lives at some point and some people seem to receive more than their fair share. Gail's story is painfully honest, at times unbearably sad and at others joyfully uplifting. Her battle with and eventual victory over the debilitating effects of Lyme's disease is truly inspirational and successfully challenges the traditional Western approach to healing through her use of alternative therapies.

Gail's story paints a picture of life as we know it. Some days are good, some not so good. Through it all her spirit and sheer zest for life shine through. If you're looking for a true story to inspire you (and who isn't with what's going on in our world as I write?), then I highly recommend "The Heroine's Journey". You won't be disappointed!"

Keith Forrest. Author of "The Spiritual Fruitcake" and "Electricity for Cavemen".

Beautiful And Heartbreaking, But Oh So Inspiring!

This is a beautifully written, heart-wrenching memoir about a woman who beats all the odds of a traumatic life and comes up stronger and wiser as a result. She lives through heart ache after heartache, from a childhood of abuse, to bullying in her workplace, and finally complete physical breakdown with lyme disease, a mini stroke, and a heart attack, until she realizes that she creates her own reality.

At times, this book made me cry, then it made me angry, then it made me smile. It's a rollercoaster of a ride, but like life, it's worth the journey because it ends on an amazingly positive note. Sometimes you have to be thrown to the deepest depths, and go through your darkest nights, to discover your own power and that the key to your happiness (and health) is within you.

Inspired by her Spiritualist faith, Gail Lynn has written a fantastic book that will provide hope and guidance to anyone whose life is clouded by disease or sorrow, who struggle to find the light in their lives.


5.0 Out Of 5 Stars A Good Starting Point For Those Who Want To Set Off On The Path Of Reclaiming Control Of Their Life.

A fascinating memoir of a woman who discovers that she created/ attracted illness to herself and how she overcame it. As a believer in the law of attraction, this book resonates with my belief that in order to change your life you must take full accountability for where you are currently. If you have a health issue to overcome or a situation that you want to change this book will help set you on the path to your own hero/heroine's journey.


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About Gail Lynn

Ordained Minister, REIKI and EFT Practitioner, Intuitive (via phone or virtual sessions), Energy Healer, spiritual teacher, retreat leader, and author.

Shares insights and speaks about the practice of love and forgiveness, healing old patterns, and taking back your life. Practices Ho’oponopono , the Hawaiian culture and perspective of this ancient healing practice.

Offers a beautiful testimony to healing illness and disease through combining alternative modalities, science, and spirituality. She lectures on her experience of bridging science and spirituality as a means to heal physical illnesses in the body. Battling Lyme disease for 4 1/2 years, a mini stroke (TIA), and mild heart attack, Gail Lynn has made a complete recovery through the practice of faith healing, Law of Attraction, and all natural remedies. ​

Shares inspiration from her heart to remind us that our daily life is simply the classroom and that we learn lessons in order to return to our true self, our higher self, of love.

Wishes Fulfilled Retreat in Lily Dale, New York. She works with clients as a Life Coach, wellness advocate, spiritual advisor & healer. She offers intuitive readings (via phone and virtual sessions), Aromatouch sessions, EFT & REIKI sessions, and Ho’oponopon sessions. Available year round for keynote addresses, motivational speeches, presenting workshops, and hosting retreats.

Lighting the pathway for those seekers ready for the revelations by planting seeds of knowledge, for those beginning the quest. She is the heroine of her own life and helps others to be the hero/heroine of their own. She will help YOU take back your power and claim wellness in order to create a fulfilling life too! 

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3 Cottage Row

Lily Dale, NY 14752

Phone: (716) 969- 2620



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